Kaypro 10

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Date: Mon Sep 6 20:42:36 1999

Rich wrote:

> I've got several Kaypro 10s over in Port Richey, Florida.

Thanks for the reply, Rich. I'm sure we can work out a deal off-list, but
since the answers to some my questions may be of help to others on the list,
I'm posting those questions here.

> Do you need a K10-83 or a K10-84?

What is the difference in these two models? (83, 84 -- year of mfg., maybe??)

> If your using it for anything/data your very fond of, I'd recommend finding
a machine >that now has a replacement Seagate ST225 hard drive installed.

Why? Is the original hard drive unreliable? What type of drive originally
shipped with this system? MFM, like the 225?

I have a hoard of 225s (pulled from old pc clones) so replacing the original
drive shouldn't be too much of a hassle -- _if_ it's MFM and has a compatible

Also, I've seen a number of archive sites where CP/M software is available,
as well as the "CP/M Disk," which claims to have over 18,000 files. How can
I transfer CP/M files from my PC to a Kaypro?


Glen Goodwin
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