End of Prodigy Classic

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> Is the Apple II forum on AOL still around? When I quit the service (I
> think two years ago - just after the change over to AOL 3.0 and unlimited
> access) the forum was still around, but the message boards and chat were
> gone, and the software libraries were decaying. With AOL 3.0, the
> keyword "Apple II" (or was it "Apple II Forum"?) no longer worked, but
> instead a very long line of "http://" garbage was required. I was told
> that the Apple II forum was no longer being "supported" and that when the
> systems or hard drives died, they were simply thrown out, with no
> attempts to recover being made, and nothing backed up. This is why Tom
> Turley and company were making such an effort to back up the file
> libraries. Of course, this last bit is all according to Mr. Turley.
> Take it with however much salt you deem appropriate.

supposedly the apple forums on aol are still accessable via
you might want to check in comp.sys.apple2 as the address has been posted
several times there.

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