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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 13:13:35 1999

 I was lucky enough to finally find a PCjr. today at the
local thrift and picked up also a book of the type I
usually disdain, "Introduction to Personal Computers" by
Katherine Murray from Que/1990.

 In looking thru the book which is an excellent primer to
newby collectors (it covers basics for DOS, Mac, AppleGS)
I was struck again by the similarities of most of the GUIs.

 It had figs. from Mac, GS, and PCs. I'd never seen before
the GS desktop.

 What struck me is the basic similarity.

 Having develloped my eye-teeth with Atari STs, altho I had a
Pet and PCs before that, I am well acquainted with the GEM
desktop. Despite the claims of Apple and the Palo Alto connection
and the suit that wound up GEM on PCs and resulted in Windblows,
I am unclear as to what the DI relationship was, why Atari was
allowed to continue with it's GEM desktop, altho they stopped at
GEM II, why GEOS on the C64 (C64 users compare before flaming me)
and a multitude of systems and programs such as Ventura Publisher
and PC Tools were allowed to continue with this supposed violation
of supposed Apple copyright.

 DI of course continued for years issuing GEM-like GUIs and they
are still available.

ciao larry

 BTW Tim Olmsteads Unofficial CP/M home page has a lot of material.

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