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From: Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com>
Date: Wed Sep 8 00:23:45 1999

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Jim wrote:

> From: Wayne Smith <wsmith_at_gj.com>
> >>> Do you need a K10-83 or a K10-84?
> >
> >>What is the difference in these two models? (83, 84 -- year of mfg.,
> maybe??)
> >
> >I didn't see a direct answer to this. Does anyone know?
> >
> >
> Truth is, as I remember buying a Kaypro in the Summer of 1984 in Los
> Angeles, nobody did really know what the difference was :-) Yes, that is
> 1983 or 1984. The year of manufacture.
> Things were changing fast. The Kaypro 84 added more graphics, (but you
> still had basically none) a 25 line screen, which there was scant use for, a
> double sided drive in the -10 and two of them in the 2, and more software,
> DbII was added to the list, and the newer version of cp/m. 2.2G or
> something. I think a 300 Bd modem was added to the -10 that year, but that
> won't help you now :] Something about another serial port added around that
> time I think also.
> The true techies here know more than I. There was something about a better
> ROM whatever, but that was mostly for the "graphics" as I remember and maybe
> the double sided 360 k disk drives. Somebody was selling one aftermarket
> anyway.
> I think you would want to stay with the -84 model if you want to get some
> work out of it.
> If your interested, I bought the "Business Pack" in July of 1984 Which
> included a remarked Brother daisy wheel printer and a KayPro 2X (2 double
> sided 360k drives) no modem, (couldn't imagine what I would do with that)
> all for only $1750. I thought it was the biggest bargain in the world
> watching WordStar spell check and print out my reports. Saved me days of
> work. I wore ear plugs while I printed out my work.
> Hope that helps,
> Jim,
As you say, things were changing fast. The 2X that I have came with both
modem and Real Time Clock. IIRC, the RTC was a feature of the 10/84 also.

                                                 - don
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