Kaypro 10

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Date: Wed Sep 8 18:37:42 1999

Jim wrote:

<< > What are you going to use the KayPro-10 for anyway in the 1999's ?

Allison Parent replied:
> Runs most of my Xasms, a few engineering models I use and makes a dandy
> terminal.
> I presume you really wanted that from the original author.

As mentioned when I started this thread, I have no direct experience with
CP/M based machines and am interested in checking out the territory, so to
speak ;>)

Jim wrote:
> I still have a Pakard Hell XT in my storage to figure out what to do with.
Allison replied:

> Sheesh, it's a computer, compute with it! REally use it for text
> processing where a gui is not the not setup. Install Minix and learn
> about OSs. >>

Right on, Allison! Seems to me you can learn _something_ potentially useful
from just about any type of computer. It's also not hard to find some useful
function for a given piece of hardware. Someone dumped a 286 & 12" green
mono monitor at our store a few years back. Instead of throwing it out, I
spent a couple of afternoons patching together some C code, a few batch
files, and some other odds & ends and it's served us well as our cash
register ever since. It also cranks out our monthly state sales tax report,
and maintains our customer database. 52 MB hard drive, 24 MB free -- I
imagine we'll be using it every day for years to come.

Cost: $0.

I even have a couple of business apps (Tony Duell, don't gag ;>) which I run
on my Sinclair machines . . . just crank up the old imagination, Jim, and
surely you'll come up with some good use for that old "clunker."

Glen Goodwin
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