XXDP patching

From: Jacob Ritorto <jritorto_at_nut.net>
Date: Thu Sep 9 16:17:22 1999

        I'm taking a very simplistic approach to a fairly difficult
process I guess.
        I want to hot-patch XXDP to use a few less cylinders than usual in
an attempt to accommodate a disk slightly smaller thatn an RD-54.
        Currently, XXDP bails at the end of the formatting tracks phase
and the controller locks. I just need to tell XXDP to go a few cylinders
less than normal and I think it'll work. I've read third-party-disks.txt,
so I'm aware that someone's been doing this; I'm just not ready to try it
myself yet. The disk I have is the Maxtor XT-1140, apparently with the
only difference being 918 clyinders instead of 1224.


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