vaxstation graphics

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 20:49:15 1999

<I didn't know that some grpahics options were unique to specific models. I
<had realised, though, that a fair number of other things were. (:
<It's an m76.

Well when you consider the line of the 3100 is some 10+ years long...

I'd have guessed it was a M76, it was the only SPX I knew of.

FYI: that machine only runs VMS and a crippled NetBSD. Crippled in the
sense that there is minimal graphics support for vaxen and the SCSI
driver is PIO(SLOW!) as the DMA code is inop. Ultrix was never ported
to it as it was a mid life kicker and just sort of popped out.

VMS runs nicely on it as its a 7.8VUP machine and decwindows supports the
SPX option. Versions 5.4 through 7.2 run on it and 7.2 is avaiable
under the hobbiest license (DECUS) for free. has the CDrom
with VMS and a small raft of supporting software that is a must have for
the $30 they charge. I've found older sony 1x SCSI cdroms with trays work
well in the 3100s(at least in my M76 and m10E and using the CMD SCSI board
in the MVII).


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