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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 21:59:10 1999

> Just to wave the flag around a bit more...I recently received my VMS 7.2
>distribution and have been installing VMS like a mad dog around here.
>I've got

Great isn't it!

>five systems running so far (two VAX4000-400s, a 4000-200, a 3300, and a
>3100/80) and it's great. It includes LOTS of layered products (c, fortran,
>pascal, basic, tcpip, decnet-plus, notes, etc) and is a breeze to install.

It does help if you can come up with a set of the actual DEC CD's though,
as a lot of the stuff in the Hobbyist licenses aren't on the Hobbyist CD's.
I managed to get a set for the Alpha (the VAX Hobbyist CD has everything I

Now the question is, do you have all those systems clustered?

BTW, nice set of VAXen, make the VAX side of my cluster look downright

> There's no excuse for having these machines powered off, folks...go get VMS
>and fire 'em up!!

Agreed, VAXen should be running VMS :^)


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