vaxstation graphics

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 22:05:54 1999

< I've got a factory-badged M38 SPX here...

Figures... they are about the same age with the m38 being a bit older
(comming out sooner) than the M76. there are a lot of differences between
the two.

either way both nice boxes. I have 3 VAXserver M10Es and the one lonely
M76/spx. I don't have a tube on the m76 as I use a terminal or the vt1200
on the network. My MVII has a GPX board set (all three planes) but I dont
use it. The room would never tolerate a VRmumble 19" color tube, they
are huge.

Never found out why SPX or GPX terms were used.

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