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Date: Fri Sep 10 08:13:48 1999

> >Now the question is, do you have all those systems clustered?
> Not yet. I was a VMS sysadmin several years ago (5.4 was current) but I
> never played with clustering. I'd like to cluster the two 4000-400s at the
> very least; maybe all of them. Since you mention that yours are clustered,
> could you recommend a good place to start?

It's pretty easy. I have a LAVC running under V5.5 consisting of a MVII
and two disk poor (only have RD52s for swap) VS2000s. One of the VS2000s
is my TK50 backup sink as well. Works nice.

 With everything turned on....

        VS3100m/76 (PIPER::
     3 VAXserver3100m/10e (one has TLZ04 tape, another has lots of disk)
        BA23 MVII (used to be VIDSYS:: at DEC, still called that)
        BA123 MVII (cluster host FLYER::)
     3 MV2000 (2 clustered(cessna::, mooney::) one with RD54 and
        VT1200 (hooked up as both DTE to the BA123 MVII and NIC as

Somewhere there is a thing on the naming of VAXen.

> hoping to set up some sort of archive server, and I've also got a
hankerin' to
> run a net-accessible BBS on a VMS system.

Same here. I need to figure out connectivity to the net (cheap).

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