HP2114 on ebay

From: Mark Green <mark_at_cs.ualberta.ca>
Date: Fri Sep 10 21:40:13 1999

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> In case no one who would be interested noticed it, there's a pretty nice
> looking HP2114 system for sale on ebay.
> The 2114 is the first computer HP ever sold. It was an "acquired" design
> from a company they purchased, and HP thought they could do a better design
> so they came out with the 2100 series (followed by 21MX and 21MXE series).
> But, not before adding the 2115 and 2116 to the mix which are "kissing
> cousins" of the 2114.
> The one on ebay looks to be in great condition, and includes software,
> manuals, a bunch of I/O cards, an ASR33, a 2748A paper tape reader, Junk
> ASR33 for parts, and junk 2748B for parts. They want $450.00 for it (pretty
> high I think, but maybe not that much considering it's advertised as working
> and includes spares). No bidders last time I checked.

Yes, I've noticed it. I really don't need another CPU (I have
2 already), but I'd love to get my hands on the peripherals,
especially the paper tape reader and punch. The shipping
would be a bit expensive to here as well. I keeping an eye
on it to see what happens. Unfortunately, the prices on eBay
seem to be all over the place, sometimes things go really cheap
and other times they are way over priced.

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