How'd Apple get away with it?????

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 22:33:44 1999

>>What I thought interesting was something I just read earlier today, is that
>>apparently MicroWare has a version of OS-9 that runs on the PowerMac.
>Now that would be really cool!

I find it hard to believe though, if true I tend to suspect that the number
of machines supported is likely to be smaller than the number supported by

>>Seriously, IMHO, Apple is justified in this, after all this is Version 9 of
>>the Mac Operating System.
>Honestly, I don't agree. Expanding on your example, what's stopping me from
>making 97 (very rapid) failed attempts at making a MerchWindows, and
>releasing a MerchWindows98?
>Something tells me that Micro$haft would be all over me like [profanity &
>expletives deleted] and that I'd lose horribly... why should Apple win just
>'cause they're bigger?

Well, they've had something like 15 years to reach this point. Although I
have to admit Apple should have seen this problem back around 7.5 or 7.6
when they switched from calling it _System_ to _Mac OS_. Personally I
still prefer _System_.

>Besides - Mac OS X (thereby called for Version 10) is already out - they've
>already skipped 9. Why not call it XI, or 11, or Mac OS X Workstation, or
>something and leave poor ol' 9 alone?

Yes, BUT this is where it gets wierd and interesting. "Mac OS X Server",
is out, however, "Mac OS X Workstation" will not be out until after "Mac OS
9". Confused yet? Worse, "Mac OS 9" was originally called "Mac OS 8.7" in
the Beta's, they switched in mid-Beta to calling it "Mac OS 9". The
original plan was to go from "Mac OS 8.7" to "Mac OS X Workstation". The
change in plans might have something to do with what a drastic change in
the OS has been made between 8.6 and 9.

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