LK501 Question (Was Re: Vaxstation video)

From: Daniel T. Burrows <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 06:00:13 1999

The LK501 will not work. It has a different connector - I checked some I
have last night just to make sure my memory served correctly. It has a
modular plug with the locking tabs on both sides. Totally different from
the RJ11 style on the LK201 and LK401. It also has a plug on the keyboard
for a hockey puck mouse that has the same king of plug. Not the normal PS2
style VSxxx-AA connector again. The plugs remind me of the HP keyboard
connectors from the Apollo days.


><Someone, who is not a subscriber, sent me a message asking if a LK501
><would work on a DECstation. Not having seen a LK501, I don't know.
><Does the LK501 also use the same connector and therefore will work
><on a DECstation?
>Yep, LK501 too, same connector same hole. DEC was very big on having one
>keyboard deign that any group could use in the company. The only oddball
>in the post LS200 era is the LK250 (for PC use) which has a different
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