LK501 Question (Was Re: Vaxstation video)

From: Jacob Ritorto <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 15:56:00 1999

Where can I get one of those LK250s? I'm always hitting capslock on my
dumb pc keyboard after a pdp11 session...


ps I have a KB here that's just like an LK201 but with a larger MMJ and a
SWITCH SESSION key. What's that for?

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Allison J Parent wrote:

> <Someone, who is not a subscriber, sent me a message asking if a LK501
> <would work on a DECstation. Not having seen a LK501, I don't know.
> <Does the LK501 also use the same connector and therefore will work
> <on a DECstation?
> Yep, LK501 too, same connector same hole. DEC was very big on having one
> keyboard deign that any group could use in the company. The only oddball
> in the post LS200 era is the LK250 (for PC use) which has a different
> connector(s).
> Allison
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