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Date: Mon Sep 13 11:10:33 1999


At 04:11 PM 9/13/99 +1, you wrote:
>> >AND - tataaaa - an HP 46 Calculator with installed display
>> >option, including the original plastic coffer and in _realy_
>> >good (working) condition at (another ta taa) only GBP 3 !!!
>> >(Well, the Old lady asked if three pounds may be to much ...)
>> Cool find! Especially in the UK. I have five of them including two
>> with consecutive serial numbers. I found four of them at one time at
>> Patrick AFB.
>One of the most usefull functions of this list, in a
>psychological sense: It helps to avoide any ocurance
>of the Gr?Faz syndrome (Gr"oFaz for the caracterly
>chalanged). As soon as one thinks he scored a way
>cool (K3wl) find, someone pops up with at least two
>other ces of the find ...

    We have to keep your head from getting too big :-)
>> What do you want to know about them? BTW I know the display
>> was listed as an option but I think they ALL came with it. I've never heard
>> of one that didn't have it.
>Sounds logical - What I want ? EVERYTHING :)
>AFAIK the 46 is just like the 45, but with Printer
>and a 'real' keyboard.

   Yes but internally it is completely different from the 45. It uses
mainly TTL chips instead of the hybrid CMOS ones that the 45 uses. It uses
a *LOT* more ICs than the 45. It uses a printer made by Seiko. A lot of
calculators of that vintage use the same printer. The 46 was designed and
built by the Loveland Colorado Division of HP. The same same division that
built the 9800 series machines like the 9825, 9835 and 9845. The 45 was
designed and built by the Advanced Product division in Copertino
california. The 81 and 46 look the same on the outside except for the
functions but all the internal parts are differnt except for the LEDS,
power supply and printer. The HP 9805 is supposed to be the same style
machine and very similar to the 46 and 81 but I've never seen a 9805 so I
don't know any more than that. The 46, 81 and 9805 are all covered in the
same service manual.

  I have a lot more back ground material on them but I'll have to find it.
If you have any specific questions I'll try to answer them.


>Der Kopf ist auch nur ein Auswuchs wie der kleine Zeh.
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