HP 7475 Plotter

From: JAMES WEBSTER <jwebste3_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon Sep 13 17:53:13 1999


  I do not own one of these plotters. But from my notes,
Windows 9x has native drivers for the HP7475 and HP7550
plotters. How functional they are, I do not know. From
the Control Panel select Add Printer and proceed from
there. I would be interested in knowing how well the
native driver works. Thanks!
  Jim Webster

Taylor, Gene wrote:
> Hi ?
> Found you guys on www re an old HP 7475 Plotter
 I recently picked up an ?A?
> model (RS232 version, it seems) with a pile of pens to fit (mostly very
> old). The plotter works great (test page), but I?m looking for a driver to
> use under the Windows 9x environment
 What did you guys end up using? And by
> the way, do you need a few pens? I could maybe cut loose of a couple
> packages

> Gene
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