HELP! Osbourne drives

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 18:10:29 1999

At 02:25 PM 9/13/99 -0700, Jim wrote:
>On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Joe wrote:
>> At 12:06 PM 9/13/99 -0400, Jake wrote:
>> >
>> >swap the drives into another machine and see if they'll read the messydos
>> >disks... unless the drives are weird proprietary..
>> I've been told that they're different from standard drives. But I'm not
>> sure of that. I'm hoping that someone can tell me for sure. One problem is
>> that they're single sided drives so I need to find a machine that supports
>> SS drives. I know a PC will read and write SS disks but all the current
>> ones do expect the drive to be double sided.
>Well... not having had the need to pull apart any of the 'Execs' in my
>collection (so far), I can only offer an observation from the earlier
>Osborne machines.
>The drives are mainly different in that the drive power is provided on the
>same cable as the control and data signals, rather than on a seperate
>cable like 'most' drives.

   The drives in this one have a separate power connector. It's a four
conductor Molex connector exactly like the one used on the IBM PCs. That's
a good sign I guess but it sounds like I can't rob a drive out of one of my

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