5 1/4 floppies on laptop

From: Jim <DD950_at_prodigy.net>
Date: Mon Sep 13 18:17:57 1999

Well, I am not real knowledgeable about computers but I have still an old Toshiba 1000 that I bought for $150 in 1993 at a hamfest. I used it for packet radio for awhile. It had a 3 1/2 " internal drive and I bought a 5 1/4" external that came with a big brick power supply for $50 dollars for it.

I think the Toshiba 1100 was really about the same thing.

When I was looking for a 5 1/4" drive in 1993, I remember people telling me that MicroSolutions made one for various notebook computers. I think I have the name of the company correct. MicroSolutions also made external hard drives and tape drives they called/call the back-pack I think.

My Toshiba works,err, maybe worked, with its own connections. I think the MicroSolution stuff was all parallel port.

I have always wondered if somebody has written a driver for my parallel port 100 Mb Zip drive to work with the old XT type Toshiba 1000? That might be an interesting solution for you also.

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