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From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Mon Sep 13 19:52:08 1999

Upon the date 07:12 PM 9/13/99 +0100, Tony Duell said something like:

>> All but 3 parts have a numbering like 1820-0xxx, wher xxx is
>Almost all HP logic chips are 1820-xxxx :-). And these ones are not in my
>list of equivalents, which means they might well be custom (I would
>suspect a lot of them are, since there's nowhere near enough parts to
>make a calculator using MSI TTL here).

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Tony and others:

I can't recall for sure but has someone posted anywhere a cross ref list
between HP house numbers and industry equivalent numbers? I thought there
was some discussion here a long time ago about this but I'm subscribed to
several other lists which could have had the same type of discussion.

Thanks for any pointers folks!

Regards, Chris
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