HELP! Kaypro 2X Drive (Was: HELP! Osbourne drives)

From: Wayne Smith <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 20:25:22 1999

>>>> <> 09/13 5:39 PM >>>
>>This made me remember that I have a perhaps similar problem with one of my
>>Kaypro drives. It works at first, but eventually wears away portions of the
>>disk making the disk unusable. (After a few uses, if you hold the disk
>>up to the light there are arcs
>>that are clear.) I assume this is a head alignment issue.
>Why assume this? And why is everyone so quick to assume that the
>first thing you want to do to a floppy drive is realign the heads?
>Reminds me of those folks who insist on tweaking the IF cores in all
>their AM/FM radios without the proper test equipment, and then they
>wonder why it doesn't perform so well anymore...
>In my experience, the only floppy drives I've ever had to realign
>the heads on were drives that someone else decided to align the heads on :-).
>Two questions:
>1. Single sided drive? If so, check the head load pad. An extremely
>worn head load pad will gouge up the media for sure.
>2. Double sided drive? If so, is there anything wedged in the spring
>supports that'll make the heads press against the media with too much

It's double sided. I'll have a look at the springs as you suggest. I think you've answered your own question as to why I assumed bad head alignment --- it's what everyone always tells you. (Particularly if the unit was shipped without disk protectors installed.) Something of an urban myth I suppose.

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