Intel Stuff from the early '80's

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 09:56:48 1999

Back in the heyday of 8-bit micros I got involved with a couple of clients who thought the Intel 16-bit processors were pretty cool. Ultimately I was left with a bunch of software documentation and some software (copied, I suppose). Some of the software and documentation actually go together, so I though I'd make an initial offer to this group in case there's someone crazy enough to pursue this sort of stuff. I have lots ( close to 25 kg ) of manuals in the original blue Intel binders containing documents on various Intel development tools of the early 8086 era, including, I believe, Pascal, Assembler, various OS's (they were experimenting with several at the time) PL/M, among others. There's also a batch, obviously intended to go together, of 8" diskettes marked iAPX Source Code which has in it diskettes marked "CP/M to ISIS Translator" in CP/M SSSD format, RTCS UDI, PL/M-80, and LOTS of other iRMX stuff all in ISIS format (whatever that is) seemingly the source code for an entire development OS.

Is anybody interested enough to want this stuff shipped to them at THEIR expense? That means I carry the stuff to the Mailboxes, Etc shop, get a quote on the packing and shipping cost, carry it back and, when your check clears, have it shipped to you.



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