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Date: Tue Sep 14 12:17:10 1999

IMHO, the best possible use for a Mod II/12 and esp. for the external floppy
drive box, would be to make computer thieves have to carry it repeatedly up
and down the stairs of a multi story building! Then maybe they'd keep their
hands off other peoples property. (Some idiot actually STOLE one of these,
way past it's useful date!!!)

Neil Morrison

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> It would be interesting to find out what something like that would bring
> on
> eBay. You could list it with a very high reserve that would most likely
> never be met, just to see what something like that is now worth.
> We might be pleasantly surprised, or then again, we might find out that
> most
> people do not share our passion for old computers and you have only an
> interesting box of old stuff. You pay shipping, :-(
> Anyway, keep us informed.
> Jim Rossbach, Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring,
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> >Well, I have decided to let it be for now. I am worried that there might
> be
> >critters (bugs) in there (through the hand-holes). I don't want to put
> it
> >on eBay because I am not out to make $$$.
> >
> >All I need to find is a 3x3x3 glass box and a tank of nitrogen. (And a
> >borescope so I can look at it).
> >
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