Reading TRS-80 discs (was RE: Archiving old discs...)

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Date: Tue Sep 14 14:48:43 1999

> Will support single density / FM:
> NS PC87306 Super I/O
> SMC FDC37C65
> SMC FDC37C78
> Most SMC Super I/O chips
> Will NOT support single density / FM:
> NS 8473
> NS PC87332* Super I/O
> NS PC97307* Super I/O
> WD FDC37C65
> Most (if not all) Intel parts
> Any Winbond part
> Any UMC part

Totally incorrect, all support SD *IF* software and external data
seperators/clocks are correct.

> Reportedly will do single density / FM but NOT verified:
> NS 8477
> Intel 82077AA
> Goldstar Super I/O

At this point he must be referring to PC FDC CARDS where life is more or
less dictated by design hacks and sometimes bios omissions,

I can say the 37c65 (all vendors) and all versions of the 765(I8272) all
do single density quite well. Most PC bus cards do not do ningle
density (any/all) of those more often than not do not do SD FM due to
board level implmentation limitations. The most common is the data
seperator is hardwired for (especially true for any board with 765/8272
on it) one maybe two data rates.

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