Why is the Coleco Adam so popular?

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Date: Tue Sep 14 15:08:13 1999

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>This is interesting: call the 800 number from the sticker on the bottom of
>a Colecovision/Adam. It's now a company called "Adam's House" who are more
>than happy to mail you out a catalog

You don't have to call!!! they are now on the Web at
http://www.flash.net/~coleco/start.htm .

Scary, as you could not even access the graphic web with one.

You can be glad you waited as a Coleco Adam can now be had it appears for
about $59.95!!

These appear to be for still new equipment. Reading the FAQ it appears Adam
House bought out the inventory in 1985 from the Coleco bankruptcy?

Aaron, How old are you or that VW van anyway? I have a 1977. Up for a road


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