Reading TRS-80 discs (was RE: Archiving old discs...)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 16:02:58 1999

--- wrote:
> I can say the 37c65 (all vendors) and all versions of the 765(I8272) all
> do single density quite well. Most PC bus cards do not do ningle
> density (any/all) of those more often than not do not do SD FM due to
> board level implmentation limitations. The most common is the data
> seperator is hardwired for (especially true for any board with 765/8272
> on it) one maybe two data rates.

So, bottom line, if I find a floppy card that appears to conform to one of
the favorable ones on that list from comp.os.cpm, stick it in a PC and use
something like 22DISK, I should be able to make a physical backup of a TRS-80
disk? Is there some other piece of software I should use? Unless Teledisk
will produce an uncompressed image, it won't help me. I can process the disk
images once I get them onto the hard drive, that's the easy part.


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