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Date: Tue Sep 14 17:54:53 1999

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>> Yes, the HP-IB version of the ThinkJet does the same thing. I haven't
>Is this something worth picking up if I see one in a junk yard?

   Since I collect HP stuff and use the HP-IB bus I'd say yes but I guess
it depends on if you have a use for it. I don't have a shortage of them
:-) I grab most of them that I find and keep them around to use or for
parts. The 1LB3 ICs are impossible to find except by pulling them out of
other items so I always grab the HP-IB and IL printers. The biggest
failure in all the ThinkJets is the contacts on the flex cable that connect
to the printhead. They have little tits that are supposed to press against
the contacts on the printhead but corrosion and wiping hard will tear the
tits off and then you get blank lines in the print. DON'T wipe the
contacts, just blot them to clean them. The print cartridges are prone to
leaking, you shouls always remove them if you're not using the printer and
ALLWAYS remove them before shipping the printer. Altitude and air pressure
changes will pump the ink out of the cartridge. You can self test the
printers by holding down the FF key and turning the printer on. Wait a few
seconds and release the FF key.

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