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From: Jim <DD950_at_prodigy.net>
Date: Tue Sep 14 18:38:30 1999

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>I forwarded this to abuse, postmaster etc at their ISP. Received back:-

I forwarded that spam also. I am glad there are others that take the time
to complain.

Now the only problem is the spammer most probably was not really using, or
planned to use again that email account. But you never know so it is worth
reporting it anyway.

I have been cutting and pasting all my spam into the free parser at
www.spamcop.net . You can use the system for free and it will address and
send a nice complaint letter for you to the proper people.

If you join up I understand you can use the filter that will block all the
spam that is being reported. I don't do that so I can't tell you how
effective that is.

However, the amount of spam I am receiving has dropped almost to zero since
I have been using www.spamcop.net to send the complaints! Maybe, just maybe
the spammers do keep a list of us whiner and complainers and try not to send
us spam.

I encourage everybody to visit www.spamcop.net and use the system to file
complaints. If nothing else it makes you feel good doing something.


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