Why is the Coleco Adam so xxxx popular?

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> Jim wrote:
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> > I have to admit i bought one of the Coleco Adam computers in the summer
> > 1984 (The Adam bomb). I soon found that it really didn't work and like
> most
> > I returned it to Toy-R-Us for a refund.
> I'm not familiar with the Adam. When you say it "really didn't work," do
> you
> mean:
> 1) it was poorly designed
> 2) it was poorly manufactured
> 3) it was a PITA to use or program
> ??
> "Really didn't work" sounds as if _nothing_ useful could be done with the
> machine, no matter the skills and/or perseverance of the user.
> More plainly stated: are these things _totally_ _crap_ ??? I like
> collecting the smaller machines, but don't wish to waste my time if the
> "really doesn't work."
> TIA,
well, supposedly there were various applications for it, so you could process
words or do the ubiquitous home budgeting. it had a built-in printer which
was handy and the built-in basic was very similar to applesoft. only thing
you had to remember is not to leave a data tape in the drive when turning it
on or the tape's info will be destroyed.

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