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Date: Wed Sep 15 06:19:37 1999

While we have to store it for a bit until we figure out how to get it
upstairs, we're really interested in getting it to work. Unfortunately,
our elevator has not been repaired, and the 9 is about 10 inches too tall
for it anyway. It was brutal getting the 2 PDP-10's upstairs, and we
still have two tape drives to bring up.

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Hans B Pufal wrote:

> Merle K. Peirce wrote:
> >
> > Our latest acquisition is a PDP-9, one of 455 built. It served until
> > this summer controlling a very large 60"x60" XY plotter. This is one of
> > only 2 of this size in the world, and is used to prepare glass plates for
> > etching. The plotter moves in increments of 1/10000 of an inch. The
> > plotter was built in the late 1960's by Concord Electronics in
> > California. The plotter is built on a granite slab about 3 feet thick,
> > which rests on supports which were drilled down to bedrock. In order to
> > be installed, the rear wall of the building was removed. The Concord
> > controls fill 3 cabinets, and these are controlled in turn by the PDP-9.
> > Two PDP-11's are used to control and programme the PDP-9. This summer a
> > more modern control system the size of a filing cabinet replaced the 3
> > six-foot control racks, and a Dell server and UPS replaced the DEC's. We
> > were give the PDP-9, PDP-11's, and Concord control parts, as well as
> > spare flip chips, terminals, paper tapes, manuals, etc.
> Congratualtions. ACONIT, here in Grenoble, has 2 PDP-9's one used to
> control an experiment at CERN. We laso have a quite extensive library of
> documentation, paper-tapes and DECtapes. The state of the DECtapes is
> unknown till we got our system working again.
> If you need any assistance please feel free to contact me.
> This is the 5th PDP-9 that I am aware of, we have two, there is one in
> Australia and I learnt of another one in Germany a few days ago.
> Regards
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