Apple ][ in an ISA card (was Re: Central Point Option floppy controller)

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 11:50:09 1999

Apple on a card for PC:
        QuadLink by QuadRam. Nice idea, but out of several dozen units,
        we had a 70% DOA rate. We also had a 70% DOA rate on the replacements.
        Two of the replacement units had their connectors misinstalled, showing
        that QuadRam had NOT tested even REPLACEMENT units.

        Trakstar 128 by Diamond. Was also available for a while through

Boards to go between FDC board and drives for file transfer:
        Apple Turnover from Vertex. Supported AppleOS, CP/M, Pascal,
        ProDOS. Don't talk to me about Vertex.

        Matchpoint? from MicroSolutions (maker of Uniform, now involved
        only in external drive units)

        Deluxe Option Board from Central Point. Original option board
        could not do it.

Anybody have software for the "Transcopy" board?

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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