Central Point Option floppy controller

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Date: Wed Sep 15 13:25:16 1999

>> Now see, I was *certain* that the whole original purpose of this critter
>> was to copy Apple floppies using a PeeCee. I guess it's not that
>> useful after all.

>Since 90% of the apple format is done in 6502 software anything that reads
>that would ahve a 6502 or one of it's clones by inference.

I understood that at least the nicer Central Point Option Boards (there
were several different ones made) don't have any data decoder in hardware
at all. The hardware simply records when transitions take place, and
then pass this list to the software that does the decoding.

(The Catweasel seems to work on the same principle, but it doesn't come
with the decoding software...)

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