Older Intel CPUs (was Re: Central Point Option floppy controller)

From: Lance Costanzo <lance_at_costanzo.net>
Date: Wed Sep 15 14:46:05 1999

At 12:23 PM 09/15/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>--- allisonp_at_world.std.com wrote:
>> > > and use an old 386 or 486.
>> > Hah! You think everybody's got 386's and 486's laying around?! Sheesh!
>> > :^)
>> > I'd use one of my 286's for this job-- assuming it could do anything
>> > useful.
>> Live with it. Before I got a decent PC everyone assumed I had a Pentium.
>> In the mean time look in dumpsters and garbage pails for your 386, they
>> seems to be worthless here (Eastern MA).
>I've seen 12 Mhz 286 motherboards w/memory for sale at local shows for under
>$10. *Finding* intact 286 systems is much harder.
I've got over 50 286's and a dozen 386's out in the shop. Various configs,
all with HDD, KB, monitor (mostly mono, some mono-VGA). All for sale
-cheep-. Need a spare - let me know.

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