Central Point Option floppy controller

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Date: Wed Sep 15 15:46:23 1999

Yes. I thought of making a replacement FD card for my Coco that could read
Apple. Nice if I could figure Commodore etc out also. Perhaps if it worked
as a sort of bit copier like the CP Option card?? The Coco is easy because
the card is just another program pak with it's own S/W on board.

Neil Morrison

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> Hell, big PICs like the 17C54 run at 33MHz, at damn near 1 avg
> ins/cycle,
> too. I'm *sure* it could be done with a PIC.
> It'd be a neat hack, no? :-)
> -Dave McGuire
> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, morrison_at_t-iii.com wrote:
> >I wonder if one could use a PIC chip to do it. They'll do 20Mhz, and they
> >like bits.
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