Central Point Option floppy controller

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Wed Sep 15 15:58:27 1999

Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com> wrote about the Central Point cards:
> First off, it is not a controller, per se, but rather a bridge adapter
> that goes between the ISA FDC and the floppy drive and enhances the FDC's
> native capabilities.

No, it doesn't enhance the native FDC in any way; rather it bypasses most of
it. It really is a separate "controller", using that term loosely. It allows
the PC to read and write raw channel data, bypassing the native FDC's FM & MFM
encoder and decoder. When using the card, the native FDC is only used to
select the drive and seek to the desired track.
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