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Date: Wed Sep 15 18:30:40 1999

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Jim Strickland wrote:

> Dunno what the chips are, probably part of the vax chipset. That db9 is your
> console socket. It's a straight rs232 terminal port. The rotary switch (if
> memory serves) determines where in the boot cycle it goes to. In one position
> it stops at the >>> (bios, more or less)

Great! I needed to know that it was standard before I plugged anything in it.
> Yup. RD53 is an RLL 40 meg, I think. Not very reliable in my experience.
> Somewhere on the system is probably a tk50 tape drive, too. Slow and not
> very high density per cartrige, but they work.

Unfortunately, there is nothing but the hard drive in the drive bays.

> Any AUI ports in the back of the machine? Might be handy to know what, if any,
> ethernet it's got. It'll become important if you want to run VMS on it.

As a matter of fact, the DB15F does have the interlocks found in AUI's.

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