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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 22:01:06 1999

<> 1 CPU? it has two interesting-looking chips:
<> 1: LSILIA 0485, 21-23413-01, DC379, TAC 8546
<> 2: LSILIA 0486, 21-23389-01, DC379, CAC 8544
<A couple of very custom DEC chips that form the VAX CPU IIRC.

The Microvax CPU is one chip. The DMA is the other. However neither is
a 78032 Microvax CPU. Maybe a later one.

<> what is the pinout? what is the funny-labeled rotary switch next to
<> it?)

Determins if the machine will stay in diagnostic mode, Inquire what language
to use (13 possible) and run straight through to trying to boot. If there
is a boot device it will try it, if not you get an error message and the
>>> prompt.

<> 3 dec memory board, holds 144 41256-212141302 chips
<DEC 4Mbyte memory board, I think.

sounds about right.

<> 4 dec board, some labels are: LPWR M94V-1 25787, and "M7516" in the
<> extraction handle; connected to a DB15F in the back panel
<Ethernet I guess. Nice if it is...

DELQA eithernet, the better one to have.

<> 5 dec board, (disk controller?), reads M7555 in the extraction handle
<> connected to what seems to be an older RLL hard drive
<Much more likely to be MFM than RLL. IIRC that board handles MFM hard
<drives and RX50 floppy drives.

RQDX3 controller, drive is likely Micropolus 1325(70mb) or

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