From: Daniel T. Burrows <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 23:08:21 1999

If you would include minor details like what the M# of the graphics board I may
be able to help. There were a few different ones used over the years. Complete
configurations can even be more helpful.

It may be a day or 2 before I can respond depending on what Floyd decides to do
to me. I have been getting the heavy rains most of the day and now the wind has
kicked up. Thank heavens for UPS's for the power flickers.


>I have a VaxStation 3520 in the garage that seems to boot. I gather it's
>a dual-processor model and it has SCSI, RGB, AUI, and TK70, all intact and
>able to boot. Problem is I have no KB, no mouse, and no head for it. (I
>had hooked it up to a monitor that had the right cables but the wrong sync
>stuff, so I had like four shaking images of the boot stuff.) Anyone know
>of a good cheap place to gather the junque I need to get this thing
>running right (and part numbers, etc)? It seems like a really nice box
>except for the BI bus (it has Qbus too!), but I guess that's fine if I
>stick with OpenVMS. ((Which version?))
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