vaxstation 4000 terminal/keyboard/mouse

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 23:53:58 1999

>Does anyone know where I can get a vaxstation compatable terminal, keyboard,
>and mouse????

Are you asking about where to get a complete VAXstation 4000 setup; CPU,
monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Or are you asking where to get a monitor,
keyboard, and mouse for a VAXstation 4000 that you already have?

If you've already got it, what model and what graphics card?

If not, no, but I've seen lots of VS4000VLC's on ePay.

Now my question, does anyone know where I can get just enough RAM to test
out a VAXstation 4000/90 cheaply? I want to add a bunch of RAM and drives
to it, but first want to be sure it works without paying the big $$$'s for
a decent amount of RAM!

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