HELP: RF72 info and Control panel info

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 16:48:24 1999


First question for the list, does anyone have a technical manual on the
RF72 (1GB DSSI drive)? The questions I have are:
        1) What function does the blue wire in either pin 1 or
           pin 5 (depending on which is #1) of the power connector
        2) What function does the three position dip switch provide?
           (I've got a couple drives and some have switches set and
            others don't.)

On a related topic, is there any documentation on the VAX "drive control"

Various pieces of documentation I have offer tantalizing bits but I can't
find the definitive definition. The Sigma docs talk about "active" and
"passive" control panels, one of my BA213's has a 3 way DSSI panel with
plugs for plastic "unit" plugs, one of my BA213's has a dual unit and the
cab kit for SDI drives. My BA123 world box has four installed (not hooked
up to anything) These latter ones appear to be "passive" (they have a 10
pin connector on them as well)

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