From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 19:28:44 1999

There are three interest areas potentiallyh addressed by these documents and

First of all, there are doc's relating to ISIS-II which (IIRC) was the 8-bit
development environment of the very early '80's. Secondly, there are doc's
relating to iRMX-86, and some source files. Thirdly, there are doc's and
ostensibly source files relating to iAPX, which was another OS they were
pushing for the 8x86/87/88/89 family.

Some of the documents are assembler, debugger, compiler, etc. documents for
PL/M-80 and PL/M 86, PASCAL 86, the various macro assemblers and
cross-assemblers (in this case, for 8x86/88 family parts on their 8080/8085
platforms) and stuff like that.

There are also some manuals relating to the console hardware, etc, and the
MDS-80, among other things. There's even some hardware doc, though it's
user manual stuff.

If there were a web site which would accomodate the many thousands of pages
involved here I'd consider scanning the stuff and forwarding the bitmaps to
whoever wants them. Now, keep in mind that a typical TIFF of a printed page
in single-bit format is about 1 MB in size, and we're looking at a 1-2'-high
stack of paper with both sides printed in most cases. LEt's see. . . a ream
is about 1-3/4" = 500 sheets . . . let's say 10 reams . . . so we're looking
at 10 GB, right (GAWD! . . . I hope I've miscalculated!)

Well . . . It could be sent as PCX files, only about 1/4 the size, and
capable of being compressed as well . . . but it would still take a number
of hours of transfer time unless I go to the POP to do it. There I have 44
Mb/sec . . . Now, who's got that much space at their ISP?


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>Upon the date 03:05 PM 9/17/99 -0600, Richard Erlacher said something like:
>>Yesterday or the day before, I posted that I had found a number of Intel
>>ISIS-II, iAPX, and iRMX-86 manuals. Is there a website where these could
>>made available to whoever wants access?
>>Likewise, I posted that I have about 20 diskettes in a case (not yet
>>examined in detail) clearly marked iAPX Sources. Before I send these off
>>one fellow who wants them, perhaps they should be made available to the
>>public at large. I'd be willing to send them to an appropriate web site
>>someone will recommend one.
>Hi Dick,
>There are members on here, like myself, who are into the VME- and
>Multibus-based industrial/embedded systems. I have several Multibus-I
>boards and a couple of crates that I want to someday get running. iRMX-80
>and -86 would indeed be of use in my attempts at this and any help such as
>you're offering will be appreciated. Docs are just as important too.
>Thanks much! --Chris
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