Compaq and 3 1/2 inch disk drives

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sat Sep 18 11:00:35 1999

> Hmm... Windows 1.0, it will run on a 8088 machine??

What else would it run on?

Windoze up through 3.00 will run on an 8088. 3.10 and above requires at
least a 286.

PC-Tools cost me a lot of data. In order to keep its pretty displays, it
corrupts the critical error handler to IGNORE all errors without reporting
them! That sucks.

Trivial correction to Tony's post:
720K 3.5" drives are supported by all versions of MS-DOS and PC-DOS from
3.20 on. And are supported by SOME OEM versions of MS-DOS in 2.11. 3.30
adds support for 1.4M, but that can sometimes have BIOS complications.
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