3 1/2 disk drives

From: LordTyran <a2k_at_one.net>
Date: Sun Sep 19 07:41:40 1999

> You can use a 1.44Mbyte _drive_ with 720K _disks_ on a XT controller,
> though. It's a bit of a waste of the drive, but since 720K-only drives
> are not common any more, you might have to do this. Using 1.44Mbyte disks
> will probably prove unreliable, even though you'll only be formatting
> them for 720K.

I've got a load of 720k disks from a dumpster-diving evening (woowoo, I
also got a clock :) ). Yours for shipping. I'd guess somewhere around
50-100 of them, though I haven't really seperated them from the 1.44
ones... I almost never use disks except to boot OSs and install them, so I
have them all in a box in the corner of my basement... I tend to make a
pile of 720k disks when I find them.

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