Help with QBus board identification

From: Mark Green <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 20:28:57 1999

> >I have a QBus board that I would like to identify. Its made
> >by Digital Pathways and the model number is TCU-50 Rev A. It
> >is a quad size board and there are three small batteries in
> >the top right corner of the board. There are no peripheral
> >connectors on the card, so I figure its some type of clock
> >or possibly a small amount of battery backed up storage (the
> >machine it was take from was used for collecting process
> >data). Any ideas of what it might be?
> It's not a Q-bus board - what you have there is a Unibus clock board.
> (There is a Q-bus version, not surprisingly called the TCQ-150.)

I assume that the board is mis-labelled or some mistake has
been made, since I removed it from a working qbus system (an 11/73).
Is it possible to put a Unibus board in a qbus system, I know it
won't work, but will it physically fit into the backplane?

I had trouble setting the clock on this system, maybe this is
the reason.

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