Arachnid Eradication...

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 01:32:27 1999

A question for those who might have worked as exterminators putting
themselves through college...

Are there any potential risks to my old beauties by bug-bombing the
garage? I have had enough; I am still recovering from the effects of a
black widow bite I sustained while (stooopidly) reaching inside the main
cabinet of my HP-3000/37 the other day. Not too serious, apparently I'm
not particularly allergic and it was a rather mild bite, but I've felt
like I've had the flu for a few days. My doctor was amused that I got it
fooling around with computer artifacts, though, which led to me possibly
(crossed-fingers) inheriting some nifty old proprietary medical gear.

I'd like to just set off a few foggers in there, but my dilemma is that if
I cover up the gear with plastic well enough to keep the spray out, the
nasty little bastards may survive. Anyone done this? Thoughts?

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