Help with QBus board identification

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Date: Mon Sep 20 15:05:13 1999

>> Is it possible to put a Unibus board in a qbus system, I know it
>> won't work, but will it physically fit into the backplane?

>Yes. Unibus and Qbus boards (and Omnibus boards for that matter) all use
>the same connectors -- 36 pin (18 pins to a side) 0.125" pitch edge
>connectors. A Quad-height board (4 connectors) for any of those buses is
>the same physical size.
>Putting a board in the 'wrong' system normally causes other things not to
>work, and may even cause damage, though.

I'm afraid that I was "wrong" about the board in the system. Digging
through my old Digital Pathways paperwork, I see that:

  TCU-50 = Q-bus TOY clock

  TCU-150 = Unibus TOY clock

My fault for relying on the "U" as meaning "Unibus" !

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