Zilog reintroduces enhanced Z80!

From: CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com <(CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com)>
Date: Mon Sep 20 16:35:51 1999

>That eZ80 supposed to be 4x faster than original z80. Cool, nice to
>see a old dog with new tricks pop up again.

Just 4X faster? What about the Z180, Z280, and Z380, which are
even faster than that and have been available for years?

And, from what I can see (at http://www.zilog.com/ and
http://www.eetimes.com/story/OEG19990920S0022 ) it's not an actual
chip, but a design that you have to license to build into your
own FPGA/VLSI design.

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