Zilog reintroduces enhanced Z80!

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Date: Mon Sep 20 18:28:11 1999

><That eZ80 supposed to be 4x faster than original z80. Cool, nice to
><see a old dog with new tricks pop up again.
><It's on the slashdot.org, I saw it moments ago.
>???? What in the world are they babbling about?
> Well the original z80 was 2.5mhz and that was eclipsed some 10+
>years ago with Z80Hs and Z180s at greater than 10mhz. Now you can get
>z180s in cmos to 33mhz and the 32bit wide Z380 (with native z80) to
>20+mhz (in my 1996 data book, they are faster now).
>Where is the news?

I suspect that it's only news to the slashdot crowd. "Two (or three)
decade-old architecture still doing real work" is news for 99% of the folks
out there, though it isn't to us :-).

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