Wierd card in the Macintosh...

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Tue Sep 21 12:50:57 1999

>Mac is a Mac LC, the card has no identifying marks other than
>it's from Apple and it's a "Apple IIe Card". It has a real funny connector
>on it. Any ideas?

As people said, its a IIe on a card. NOTHING fits directly to the
connector, it needs a Y adapter cable to allow a joystick/game controler
and a floppy drive (only a couple specific drives work).

So whats good about it?
It will use the resources of the LC, and that can be just about any model
that supports the LC PDS slot. That means you get a IIe that can use the
hard drive and floppy, appletalk, serial, etc. ports of the host machine.
When you do find the adapter cable and floppy drive it makes a pretty nice
"conversion" station, plus the whole thing is smaller etc. than a real IIe.

I found one, paid no attention to it, sold it, and in the process of
answering the questions of the buyer had to read the manual and decided I
really wanted one for myself. Now I just need to find another darn cable.
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