Semi-functional scope?

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Tube or transistor?

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> About 2 years ago a friend of mine gave me a "Bell & Howell Schools"
> scope. I put it in my basement for a few years until I've had time to look
> at it. A friend guided me through the alignment over the phone so I get my
> dot centered on the screen. But I can't get it to start (is sweeping the
> word?) I just get the dot. Turning the controls to any place other than
> where he told me results in the dot falling off the screen (to the left
> usually). I've tried to get results by connecting low-level audio sources
> including music and white noise, but still nothing on the display other
> than the dot. Any ideas? I need to have it working by 3rd period Friday
> because my friend is bringing an Arp 2600 analogue synthesizer to my
> chemistry class to demonstrate different wave forms and it will be a lot
> more effective if we can demonstrate the different waves if theyc an be
> seen.
> Oh, I forgot to mention that when I opened it up, there was a REALLY long
> CRT (I'd say more than 1.5 feet) that ran the entire length of the
> cabinet. Other than a bit of a rusty shield under one of the went holes,
> it was REALLY clean on the inside... but had several spider webs and dead
> insects. How something can be home to little creatures but not get dusty
> is quite beyond me... the only openings are the vent holes in the top,
> which are long skinny things that shuold have let it all the dust...
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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