Semi-functional scope?

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 18:34:22 1999

LordTyran <> wrote:
> About 2 years ago a friend of mine gave me a "Bell & Howell Schools"
> scope. I put it in my basement for a few years until I've had time to look
> at it. A friend guided me through the alignment over the phone so I get my
> dot centered on the screen. But I can't get it to start (is sweeping the
> word?) I just get the dot. Turning the controls to any place other than
> where he told me results in the dot falling off the screen (to the left
> usually). I've tried to get results by connecting low-level audio sources
> including music and white noise, but still nothing on the display other
> than the dot. Any ideas?

Hi Kevin
 The fact that even vertical doesn't cause deflection leads
me to believe that there is no rail voltage to the amplifiers.
It seems that you do have the high voltage ( usually 3-5KV
so watch your fingers ) but the other circuitry is missing
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